Ruben Lenten: il a besoin de vous!…Be strong dude!

Ruben Lenten, you have CANCER.

Those words instantly turned Ruben’s world upside down like no megaloop has ever done before. And it puts us, his friends, into overdrive to help him beat it. Please read on….

Ruben went into a local doctor the other day due to some shortness of breath, expecting the typical news that he had a cold or flu. And examination discovered a very large mass between his heart and lung that shouldn’t be there. He was admitted at Stanford Hospital yesterday and they will do a biopsy Monday to figure out exactly what we’re fighting here and how to fight it. But we know it is going to be a fight – even with the best treatments in the world.

And now the other reality: It is likely his treatment costs will amount to $100,000s — really. Ruben needs our help to raise money to cover the treatment costs and cover expenses while he is unable to work (yes, kiteboarding is work for Ruben). While he has some basic travelers insurance he is going to hit the limits of that in about the time it takes him to do a handlepass.

Please help by donating on this page, every dollar matters and every donation is another supporter Rubon knows he has in this fight. We are asking everyone that sees this message to donate $25, more if you can. Your support really matters.

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  1. Kite4all

    Avez-vous remarqué que le goal est passé de 100.000$ à 180.000$ … Des explications ?

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